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Josia Noel Cotto

RA 08h45m11.44 +29°17'14.6'' dec 10.72 mag Cnc


RA 08h45m11.44 +29°17'14.6'' dec 10.72 mag Cnc

Registered by Josia Noel Cotto

Star date: 2012-06-15


On June 15th, 2012 an Angel was born his name Josia Noel Cotto. This Brave Boy touched the hearts of many people. Josia conquered the world with his love. As we will look up to the sky and see his star, his smile will glow in our heart.

From Mom, Dad and Baby Noah: you have been the light of our lives and will now shine bright in the sky. We love you and miss you. We know that one day we will be together again.


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