Rocky, The Magnificat

RA 00h36m55.97 +47°55'18.9'' dec 10.08 mag Cas


RA 00h36m55.97 +47°55'18.9'' dec 10.08 mag Cas

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Constellation Cassiopeia (The Queen)

Cassiopeia or The Queen is one of the 88 constellations modern astronomers have divided the sky into. It's part of the Perseus constellation family. Cassiopeia is best seen in November (from latitudes +90° to -20°)

Known from Greek Mythology, Cassiopeia, the boastful wife, sits between Cepheus, her husband, and Andromeda, her daughter. Recognized as a wide W in the night sky, she was banished to sit upside down for half the year, chained to her throne, as punishment for her vanity. In 1572 a supernova, named Tycho’s star, entered the constellation and was reportedly seen by observers for an entire year.

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