Maie Kandiel

RA 09h34m16.47 +06°34'01.1'' dec 12.63 mag


RA 09h34m16.47 +06°34'01.1'' dec 12.63 mag

Welcome to the Eternal love star. Maie's star.

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Constellation Leo (The Lion)

Leo or The Lion is one of the 88 constellations modern astronomers have divided the sky into. It's part of the Zodiac constellation family. Leo is best seen in April (from latitudes +90° to -65°)

Eratosthenes and Hyginus both agree that the lion was placed in the sky because it is the king of beasts. In mythology this is the lion of Nemea, slain by Heracles as the first of his 12 labors. Six stars arranged in the shape of a sickle outline his head and chest. People born under the sign of Leo are said to be loyal, encouraging, and ambitious.