Kim Nam Joon

RA 14h07m41.85 +05°34'30.0'' dec 9.07 mag Vir


RA 14h07m41.85 +05°34'30.0'' dec 9.07 mag Vir

누구나 눈물 한 말 한숨 한 짐씩 짊어지고 밤하늘의 별들 사이를 헤매며 산다. 시인이 만들어놓은 세상을 따라가다 보면 시가 헤매는 우리 마음을 잡아줄지도 모른다. 어쩌면 밤하늘의 저 별들이 내 슬픔을 가져갈지도 모른다. - 김용택 시인

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Kim Nam Joon



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Constellation Virgo (The Virgin)

Virgo or The Virgin is one of the 88 constellations modern astronomers have divided the sky into. It's part of the Zodiac constellation family. Virgo is best seen in May (from latitudes +80° to -80°)

Like the bounty of wheat she holds in her hand, Virgo is among the richest areas of the sky to spot galaxies and distant night sky objects. Virgo is the only zodiacal constellation representing a woman and is often depicted with wings. Spica, located in the ear of wheat she holds in her left hand, is the brightest star in the constellation. People born under the sign Virgo are often seen as observant, reliable, precise and helpful.

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