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  4. If you are experiencing issues, you might want to check out the One Million Stars video instead. To look up a star in the old register, please scroll down.
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OSR codeCoordinatesStar nameConstellationOccasion
MQM837726RA 22h11m25.00 +48°27'54.4'' dec 10.70 mag LacElianaLacertaCumpleaños
ZZD130324RA 12h36m42.61 +23°37'59.4'' dec 8.93 mag ComMomoComa BerenicesBursdag
BVQ435196RA 02h16m35.16 +24°10'08.6'' dec 10.41 mag AriMarcocattaruzza71AriesCompleanno
NHG939380RA 21h56m38.86 +65°32'07.1'' dec 11.06 mag CepRiskeCepheusVerjaardag
VGR015510RA 01h34m00.03 +45°58'43.2'' dec 9.84 mag AndNúria Ortiz BasAndromedaCumpleaños
HHD731211RA 21h16m37.46 +33°55'36.2'' dec 11.45 mag CygGiulia VivoliCygnusCompleanno
GSH983553RA 02h24m28.97 -22°30'17.7'' dec 10.08 mag CetMindunCetusCumpleaños
HFW259235RA 16h05m21.24 -03°20'54.4'' dec 7.63 mag SerZhoumiSerpens (Caput)誕生日
HBD931088RA 10h48m49.40 -08°58'42.7'' dec 10.95 mag SexDavidSextansCompleanno
RDM329038RA 04h01m42.95 +62°56'52.2'' dec 10.63 mag CamRegineCamelopardalisBursdag