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  2. You should use Google Chrome or another browser that supports WebGL.
  3. You’re viewing actual star coordinates! Please bear with us while we add the stars and recreate the galaxy in your browser.
  4. If you are experiencing issues, you might want to check out the One Million Stars video instead. To look up a star in the old register, please scroll down.

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OSR codeCoordinatesStar nameConstellationOccasion
XWZ624189RA 23h46m00.84 -18°40'42.1'' dec 5.28 mag AqrYasminAquariusSan Valentín
CRQ399931RA 11h38m33.54 +46°50'03.4'' dec 6.09 mag UMaDolorsUrsa MajorSan Valentín
PSZ944328RA 03h47m52.66 +33°35'59.6'' dec 6.57 mag Perander y susanaPerseusAniversarios
GCP030188RA 01h37m47.20 +64°44'21.7'' dec 6.49 mag CasmoncrisCassiopeiaSan Valentín
LVD817910RA 09h30m35.09 +01°15'26.1'' dec 7.43 mag HyaMI H.M.HydraSan Valentín
ZLW245332RA 06h19m07.96 -01°22'01.0'' dec 7.28 mag OrialexOrionSan Valentín
DRB703795RA 18h54m54.37 +01°07'18.0'' dec 7.39 mag AqlAlmu te AmoAquilaCumpleaños
DJG875206RA 06h46m44.34 +43°34'37.3'' dec 5.24 mag AurLulyAurigaSan Valentín
RWV975031RA 21h56m39.14 +63°37'32.0'' dec 5.11 mag CepYoann & RaquelCepheusSan Valentín
JGB459582RA 06h34m18.19 -04°54'00.4'' dec 7.26 mag MonInma & GabrielMonocerosSan Valentín